Seven cities applying for the title of the European Capital of Culture

Seven cities: Győr, Szombathely, Veszprém, Székesfehérvár, Gödöllő, Eger and Debrecen submitted applications for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023 The tenders submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources would be evaluated by an independent international committee of twelve professionals. Those tenders will be announced during the pre-election session at the beginning of the […]


Győr declared its intention for tendering

Our city has handed in its declaration at the Ministry of Human Resources that it intends to tender for the title of the European Capital of Culture … Our city submitted its intention to participate until the deadline on last Friday that means that the city has entered the competition. Primarily such cities declared their […]


Two cities, borderless development

The representatives of Győr and Dunaszerdahely signed a cooperation agreement in the morning on Monday that is a kind of culmination of the good old relationship between the two settlements. Although Slovakia and Hungary are members of the European Union, the border separates the two countries; it does not connect but hinders the economic development […]


A festival of Győr among the best festivals of Europe

The Five Churches Festival of Győr got into the circle of the most prestigious festivals, as the European Association voted for it to be among the best 26 festivals. The members of the list were selected from 715 European Festivals. The European Festivals Association received tenders from 39 countries, and from among all the submitted […]


Let Győr be the European Capital of Culture!

With the title of European Capital of Culture- Győr 2023 an Open Day was organized in the city centre of Győr, at Széchenyi Square on Saturday. The local cultural institutions of the city introduce themselves at the stalls located on the square, as well as on the stage; concerts, puppet theatre- and theatrical performances, dance […]


Devote us a few minutes for the culture of our city

In order to win the title of the European Capital of Culture for all of us, we have compiled a questionnaire. We wish to elaborate the tender by taking into consideration the requests, demands and ideas of the local residents, due to which we do hope that Győr could become the European Capital of Culture […]

Logo- and slogan calls are launched

„We wish to involve the residents of Győr into the work at larger scale in order to reflect the diversity typical to our city in our tender.” – mentioned Domanyik Eszter, the department head of City Marketing and Program Organization Directorate of the City Hall. She announced the launch of logo-, and slogan calls, for […]