The water tower in a new colour

In the framework of the European Cultural Capital application of Győr the water tower in the Marcalváros part of the town has been renovated. The building was renovated as a result of a contemporary art project.


Carnival concert in the swimming pool

Flow is continuing in Győr in 2019 as well, as the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra will surprise the audience with a special carnival concert. The press conference promoting the event was held at the venue of the concert, in the Aqua Sports Centre.

ekf pályázat bejelentés óriáskerék indulás mg (19)

Last round to win the 2023 ECOC title

To make our lives better, we have to make our experience better. On Friday, 9 November the second round applications for the 2023 European Capital of Culture (ECOC) were submitted to the Ministry of Human Capacities by the cities still in competition, thus Győr has reached an important milestone too. On this day many programs […]

klarinétfeszt (1)

European Clarinet Festival in Győr

According to the decision of the European Clarinet Association the 8th European Clarinet Festival was organised in Győr between 28th and 31st August. Mr. Gábor Varga, clarinet artist (the artistic leader of the festival) told that during these four days more than a hundred Hungarian and international artists familiarised the audience with the instrument at the concerts at the Richter Hall and at the University Concert Hall, and besides this a competition was organised in 2 age-groups for young talents.

Manfred, Georg

Linz also in the flow

We are thankful to Mr. Georg Steiner and Mr. Manfred Grubauer, coming from Linz for spending two days with us in Győr! It was a fantastic experience to talk about the European flow and the possibilities of the European Capital of Culture project.

táska 2

Wear the flow!

Nowadays, the canvas bags are having their renaissance. Some people choose them because of “green thinking” and others choose them on the basis of design or practicality. Nevertheless, we can agree that whatever the reason may be for choosing them, besides everyday use, a real self-expressive garment can be a pretty piece.

sziget ekf rómer (31)

Flow of Győr at the Sziget Festival

At the Budapest Sziget Festival that has mustered up the most world stars of the previous years, the Rómer Flóris Art and Historical Museum appeared as the only provincial museum, and took the message: Győr would like to be the European Capital of Culture in 2023.

In a common boat on the waves of the flow

Győr is a perpetual-motion, dynamic city that is always on the way. It is looking for new spiritual, historic adventures, it takes and catches the fresh wind in its sails, it is open to the new and original thoughts. It can do it without self-surrender, as it is standing on massive legs: its traditions, its history, its thought-out, accepted values and its beliefs are indissolubly with it even during the roam. Győr is not building enclosed lakes and islands, but it is vitalized by rivers.


Study visit for experiences in one of the cultural capitals of Europe this year

The delegation from Győr visited Malta to see the programs

Those who contributed to the application for the Cultural Capital of Europe in Győr visited Valletta in Malta for an exchange of experiences. The delegation had talks with the local organizers and the mayor of Malta’s capital as well.

Members of the Győr delegation included deputy mayor Dr Dávid Fekete, deputy mayor Ákos Radnóti, authors of the artistic concept of the application Kata Borsa and Kálmán Pál, Győr 2023 coordinator Annamária Rácz and Bettina Vazsinka, municipality official responsible for tourism.

The delegation explored the city of Valletta, and researched the programs, impressions and impact of the title Cultural Capital of Europe on the everyday life of the city. They also assessed the condition of infrastructural projects. The delegation also visited the island of Gozo, as the application of Malta comprised both Valletta and the island of Gozo in the Cultural Capital of Europe Project (CCEP).

Members of the Győr delegation had talks with the local organizational committee, the research coordinator of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, Graziella Vella. They discussed questions related to the organizational committee. The coordinator of the Foundation presented the members of the organizational committee, and she emphasized the significance of the four infrastructural project in the framework of the CCEP.

The delegation from Győr also met the mayor of Valletta, who presented the preparations, programs, expected outcomes and challenges of the large-scale project from another perspective. The mayor answered the questions of the Hungarian delegations sincerely, talking about the challenges of the CCEP and what negative impact winning the title may have, while he also pointed out the positive aspects. He proposed that when the second application is compiled, Győr must concentrate on current affairs in 2023, in the year of the CCEP, and they should also include programs in the application which are not only in place during the year of the CCEP, but may continue later.

The cooperation of the Győr delegation with the organizational committee in Malta will continue in the future as well. They could provide lots of useful information concerning the preparation phase, and they also promised to find the person in charge in the organizational committee of Valletta who can help in specific questions during the project.


Seven cities applying for the title of the European Capital of Culture

Seven cities: Győr, Szombathely, Veszprém, Székesfehérvár, Gödöllő, Eger and Debrecen submitted applications for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023 The tenders submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources would be evaluated by an independent international committee of twelve professionals. Those tenders will be announced during the pre-election session at the beginning of the […]


Győr declared its intention for tendering

Our city has handed in its declaration at the Ministry of Human Resources that it intends to tender for the title of the European Capital of Culture … Our city submitted its intention to participate until the deadline on last Friday that means that the city has entered the competition. Primarily such cities declared their […]


Two cities, borderless development

The representatives of Győr and Dunaszerdahely signed a cooperation agreement in the morning on Monday that is a kind of culmination of the good old relationship between the two settlements. Although Slovakia and Hungary are members of the European Union, the border separates the two countries; it does not connect but hinders the economic development […]


A festival of Győr among the best festivals of Europe

The Five Churches Festival of Győr got into the circle of the most prestigious festivals, as the European Association voted for it to be among the best 26 festivals. The members of the list were selected from 715 European Festivals. The European Festivals Association received tenders from 39 countries, and from among all the submitted […]


Let Győr be the European Capital of Culture!

With the title of European Capital of Culture- Győr 2023 an Open Day was organized in the city centre of Győr, at Széchenyi Square on Saturday. The local cultural institutions of the city introduce themselves at the stalls located on the square, as well as on the stage; concerts, puppet theatre- and theatrical performances, dance […]


Devote us a few minutes for the culture of our city

In order to win the title of the European Capital of Culture for all of us, we have compiled a questionnaire. We wish to elaborate the tender by taking into consideration the requests, demands and ideas of the local residents, due to which we do hope that Győr could become the European Capital of Culture […]

Logo- and slogan calls are launched

„We wish to involve the residents of Győr into the work at larger scale in order to reflect the diversity typical to our city in our tender.” – mentioned Domanyik Eszter, the department head of City Marketing and Program Organization Directorate of the City Hall. She announced the launch of logo-, and slogan calls, for […]