The water tower in a new colour

In the framework of the European Cultural Capital application of Győr the water tower in the Marcalváros part of the town has been renovated. The building was renovated as a result of a contemporary art project.


Carnival concert in the swimming pool

Flow is continuing in Győr in 2019 as well, as the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra will surprise the audience with a special carnival concert. The press conference promoting the event was held at the venue of the concert, in the Aqua Sports Centre.


Bécsi kapu square was renovated inspired by the flow

The Kisfaludy and Nimród statues were restored, and the square is also decorated by a special fountain, which received a new, natural stone cover. At the inauguration ceremony, the Kossuth award winner Hot Jazz Band entertained the audience.

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Last round to win the 2023 ECOC title

To make our lives better, we have to make our experience better. On Friday, 9 November the second round applications for the 2023 European Capital of Culture (ECOC) were submitted to the Ministry of Human Capacities by the cities still in competition, thus Győr has reached an important milestone too. On this day many programs […]